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Ida Rolf with a child


"Our bodies are the Hologram of our being" Joseph Heller

Hellerwork SI is a system of bodywork originally developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf and then furthered by Joseph Heller. The fundamental principle of Structural Integration is that our bodies are intended to be organized in specific ways so that we are in alignment with gravity. This alignment results in maximum efficiency and ease of movement. This means that from the ground up; ankles, knees, hips, spine, shoulders, neck and head are "stacked" so that minimal muscular effort is required to be upright.

We get out of alignment due to; learned patterns of ineffective movement, negative emotions, trauma, aging and gravity itself. When a body is out of alignment mobility requires so much more effort and causes generalized fatigue and eventually pain.

Through Structural Integration, applied pressure accompanied by movement, releases tension in fascia and muscles (soft tissues). With this release, the body can be better aligned and result in ease of movement and relief from patterns of held tension and pain. Moreover, movement education instills new and more effective patterns to increase body awareness and retain proper alignment.

Individual sessions can focus on specific issues however, a series of 10 hour long sessions address alignment in your entire body. 

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